Timeline of my life

This site came to be at the recommendation of my Shrink.

This is my small attempt to document, purge and clease my soul.  I have felt the need to write since I was a little girl, and as teenage I remember I had a diary made up of hard cover office books 4 all together.  I removed the inner book covers and stuck them all into a single unit.  This book contained all my teenage trials tribulations and feelings.

Then I started dating my first husband an obsessive compulsively controlling and “tidy” person.  He read my diary and I started finding myself writing entrys to please him.  Crap.

In a wild attempt to make sense of it all (I have ADD) I try and keep a timeline of my life, but once I start writing a post,  the next thing I know I have digressed about 7 times from the topic I started on, and in the end it breaks up into almost 4 totally different coherent articles.  It’s just how my mind spews the information, because to me, it’s all in the details.

So here goes (a very simple basic timeline) of the 3 categories of my blog.

When I was small ……….

1972 – The year I was born

1974 – Mother divorces my Dad

1976 – Mother starts dating my Godfather

1978 – Grade 1

1980 – Mother marries a new husband

1981 – My first half sister is born

1984 – First step dad is divorced

1985 – Mother marries her third psycho

The Rebel Years……

1986 – I go to Boarding School

1988 – I move in with Grandmother

1988 –  Mother divorces third psycho

1989 – My first real relationship

1990 – I finish school and start work

1989 – Mother marries the fourth husband

1992 – Second half sister is born

1993 – I get Married to a BIG mistake

1996 – I get divorced from that mistake

1996 – 1999 I meet the female S* and A blur of parties, fun and recklessness follows

2000 – I meet the Male S*

2002 -The Male  S* dies.

Moving Forward………

2002 – I meet my Husband

2004 – I marry Husband, my little girl is born

2008 – My little boy is born

2009 – Medical Challenges for the new baby and me

2010 – I loose my voice – a total breakdown

2011 – Tries to fix a problem and break more stuff.  Fixed up my shoulder

2012 – and so life continues…..

Some posts may be funny, some may be downright depressive, I take it all day to day, If you find anything help full,  or just kind of make sense of this chaos feel free to follow….


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