The Stay at Home Mom Plan

When my first child was born, it broke my heart to not be in a position to be a stay at home mommy like most of my friends.  Times were tough and I was forced to take her to day-care after my four months maternity leave was over. Due to reasons I only discovered much later (OCD issues),  I was a very difficult mother for the school to deal with.  I concede that I was worse than other first time parents. We were issued a little book for communication every day. If my baby looked like she may be developing a slight pink hue on her bottom I would give instructions to use more cream in the book. If they sent any of her (expressed breast) milk home, I accused the school of starving her and wrote in big capitalized letters on the next page. If she had a runny nose they were accused of spreading germs by not washing their hands enough…. You get the drift. It is still a mystery to this day that they stuck it out with me for a full 2 years.   After my first born, we thought we should get this child business over with and have another one.    Since it was now proven that we could actually do it, and the years were moving along we tried when my daughter turned two. Fertility medications, temperature readings, scheduled sex.  Ugh.  We did this for one very long year.  By this time my daughter could speak, she no longer used nappies, and we were starting to have more freedom.  When she turned 3 we decided to let go of the notion of a second child, take  a nice holiday (honeymoon) to Europe and get on with our lives.  After all, we already had one more than we anticipated! We had a ball in Europe for 10 days, travelling to Prague and Bruno in the Czech Republic, Munich in Germany, and Vienna in Austria and finally back home. Back at work things were returning to normal, but after a few weeks I had a funny feeling.  No particular reason, I just did.  Went to the pharmacy and bought a stick. It tested Positive. SHOCK AND AWE (this feels like dejavu) I was crying, but this time it was because I had to do this all over again just when I finally gave up, and had the other one turning into a little human instead of a poop machine. And now I was going to have another little baby sitting in day-care when I had to work.  Something changed in me that day. I was always trying out ways to start making enough money to be able to work from home I would say:
maybe by the end of the year I will have this or that going.
I tried crafts, workshops, websites, you name it.  It was not that it could not work; I was doing it all wrong.  When I found out about the second pregnancy I decided to set the goal.  BY the end of the year I would be at home.  Now I had the year to work towards it, instead of hoping something would happen during the year to make it happen. I took control. When My son was born, I was still employed, but working from home, and very busy setting up a brand new business I finally found a niche.  When my son was 2 months old, I was working from home, and loving it. But suddenly it was working too well.  By the time he was 2 I had to hire premises in a business park. He is now 4 and I supply employment to 12 permanent and another 5 temporary workers, our offices comprise of 200 square meters and it is a fully functioning factory. So much for being a stay at home mom I guess some moms are born to do it, and others build companies. I’m proud to say that I did spend the first 2 years of his life with him at home (working from there) and it was bliss. But I’m very happy to be back in the corporate world, it doesn’t make me a bad mom, it just takes a bit more planning.

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